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When I was a child, I received a clear vision of the New Earth. I knew I had been given the mission to highly contribute to its creation. I could feel to my core that everything that was surrounding me was the opposite of what should be. So I left, at a very young age, in search of freedom, sovereignty and truth.

My knowledge does not come from informations. I have not participated in trainings nor workshops. I have neither studied anything but life itself, through my own lens, making my own experiences, without influences, and therefore creating a priceless quality of knowledge and wisdom.

I embody the care of the Mother, the tenderness and compassion for others. I am here to serve, fully and selflessly. I see, listen and embrace… but I also strongly shake you up, as you are being held by my unconditional loving presence. 

I simply bow to your majesty and to the perfection of your uniqueness. 


With devotion,


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